A few words about our resort.  It is an ocean side resort.  However, the ocean is quite a hike down some fairly steep trails.  Granny and I have not been but hopefully we will get a ride to the beach before we leave 

The rooms and all the facilities are scattered down the hillside.  Our room is down about half way between the lounge/gathering area and the yoga facility.  There are a couple of paths down to the area where we are.  Granny and I usually take the longer path because it is not quite as steep.  Even so, it is VERY challenging for me especially when it is raining.  Below are some pictures of the path we take. 
<- This path is the one used by most people.  It is quite steep and just after the turn in the path, there is a long, steep set of stairs.  This followed by more path and more stairs. 

                This path is the one that Granny and I take.  The first picture   ->
                is the path from the "lounge" area to the reception parking area.
Once we get to the parking area, we cross to a path that takes us down to the first set of rooms.  There is a tunnel under that building, followed by more steps, and more path down to our room.  It's a good hike both directions, especially coming back up.  It's been quite a workout for me and I have to stop a number of times to settle my breathing.  BUT I MAKE IT!

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Thursday, the group was scheduled to go on a hike to a waterfall.  It was going to be too much for us, so a trip to the mangroves with Carlos was arranged for Granny and me.  Carlos and his assistant, Guillermo, picked us up shortly after 7am.  They hooked up the boat and off we went.  This particular mangrove area is one of the largest.  It is a maze of canals and inlets.  Unless you know your way, you could get lost very easily.  We returned without incident which attests to the fact that Carlos knows the area well. 

While cruising the mangrove, we saw a variety of birds - herons, egrets, sandpipers, osprey, hawk, and others.  Unfortunately, it was too difficult to photograph many of the birds.  However, I was able to get a few decent pictures. 
<-  Heron

Sandpipers ->
Kimberly, little Luana and Carlos
This is a Yoga retreat.  There was a yoga class at least once a day and often more.  In addition, everybody got a private lesson.  Ruth was kept VERY BUSY!!.

I didn't participate in the yoga except for the first session when Ruth was doing some instruction on breathing.  I did do that part and I have even tried incorporating what I was taught into my regular breathing.  IT HELPS!!  At least when I am able to do it properly. 

This morning I went to the yoga class to take a few pictures.  As I indicated on the first page, we were living on YST - Yoga Standard TIme.  Maybe it is RST - Ruth Standard Time.  Every morning started at 5 - 5:30.  This morning was a sleep-in morning - yoga started at 6. 
<-  Don't get lost going to yoga!

And  please take off your shoes! ->
Tomorrow morning we are leaving at 7:pm.  It's all over!

I thought we were done.  Then this morning we were graced with the presence of some photogenic birds. I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Below are a few pictures of our feathered friends.