Two views of our dining room chandelier.  This chandelier was designed and built for us.  Originally it was built for a cathedral ceiling.  When we moved, it had to be remade for a flat ceiling.
Handmade utensils by David Paul Bachrach
Although technically not metal craft or glass, plique a jour is a combination of the two.  This "egg/goblet" is an outstanding example done by Valeri Timofeev.
The two pieces below were both done by Susan Pascal Beran.  The smaller piece - Planets - led us to commission the larger piece.  These two pieces, along with the sculpture done by Jeffrey Zachman at the bottom of the page. are examples of kinetic art.  The top two are wind driven.  Jeff Zachman's piece has an electric motor that turns this into a "Rube Goldberg" like moving piece of art.