The next phase of the trip was a 4 night cruise aboard the dahabiya Orient.  We were the only passengers on the voyage.  It wasn't planned that way.  It's just the way it worked out.
Our home for 4 days.
Our  Cabin
The Crew
Private deck for our cabin
The Orient full view
The deck seen from the pilot's home.
Granny and our guide Ahmed on deck.
Our first excursion was to El Kab
The tombs at El Kab
Want to ride my donkey?
Little one seen on the way.
Sunday morning excursion to Edfu
Pylon or gate at Edfu.

Open   courtyard
Hypostyle hall
Column detail
Replica of the sacred boat.
Horus - Falcon Headed God
and Ptolemy XII
Our transport to and from the Temple.
A bit of downtown Edfu.
Views of the quarry where temple stones were cut.

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