Above is a picture of the entire group of 12 passengers.  This was taken Tuesday night before our big dinner on shore when we were all dressed for public display.

There were 5 couples in addition to ourselves.  Three couples were new to French Country Waterways and 3 couples were repeat cruisers.

Starting at the upper left and working counter clockwise -

     Michael and Heather Dunne from Sydney, Australia

     Derek and Sandy Gardiner from Lexington, MA.

     Jim and Carol Thompson from Atlanta, GA

     Hansi and Donald Haufler from Hampton, VA

    Pierre Richard and Miriam Lopez from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We knew ahead of time that this was a "foodie" trip and we haven't been disappointed.  What follows will be a mixture of scenery, canal boating and FOOD!  I've tried to record what we have had for each lunch and dinner.  So, interspersed among the travel pictures will be the meals of the day.

We arrived at the barge late Sunday afternoon.  We had a welcoming champagne toast, a brief explanation of what was to come and then shown to our staterooms.  Before you knew it, it was time for our first dinner.
Our barge trip through some of the canals in Burgandy began with a bus ride of about 3 hours from Paris to St. Jean-de-Losne where our barge was anchored.  The barge, owned and operated by French Country Waterways, has 6 nice staterooms which accommodate 12 passengers.  We are attended by a crew of 6.  Below is a map of our route, a picture of the Nenuphar and the list of crew members.
Every dinner consists of an appetizer, entree, cheese and dessert.  The cheese selection consists of 3 cheeses and it is a different selection at every meal.  In addition, there is a red wine and a white wine served at every lunch and dinner.  Here again, the wines are different at every meal. 

I will try to give the name of each course along with the names of the three cheeses.  However, all the names will be in French and will require translation. 
Chablis Lechet 1er Cru 2008
Savigny-Les-Beaune 1er Cru 2011
Pintade de Fromage au fines herbes et Tomates sechees
Puree de Brocolis
Sauce Chasseur
Oeuf Careme    
Tomme de Savoie
Fourme d'Ambert
Grand Marnier et Framboise
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