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We decided to have a "Transfer-Tour" from Florence to Rome.  Our drive, Andrea Santucci,  picked us up at 7:30 and off we went.  First stop - Orvieto. 

Orvieto sits on top of what has been called a "volcanic butte", a "plug of rock" or a "tuft".  Whatever you want to call it, it was the perfect place to build a city that would be difficult to attack.  Andrea drove us right to the top and let us off right at the cathedral. 

The construction of the cathedral gives it sort of a "layered cake" look.  And this look continues inside.  Once again the floor is mosaic but not nearly as ornate as Siena. 
The stained glass windows are beautiful and there is a magnificent organ.
The walls of the chapel are completely covered by beautiful frescoes.   I "googled" to find the name of the artist - Luca Signorelli.
After visiting the cathedral, Granny and I wandered along the main street that leads to the funicula.  Although we went by car, the funicula is one of the main ways people reach this hilltop city.  We stopped for lunch and then continued our stroll.  On one of the side streets, we came across a leather craftsman and I commissioned him to make me a belt.  It was going to take a lttle while to make, so Andrea arranged for one of his drivers to pick it up the next day.  (It worked out very well and the belt is excellent!)
We made one more stop on our way to Rome.  It was to view "The City of the Dead".  That's the name given to Civita di Bagnoregio.  The city sits on top of a hill.  The sides of the hill have been eroding for centuries so the city can only be reached by bridge.  The last bridge was destroyed in World War II.  A narrow walkway was constructed and provides the only access to the city.  As a result, only a small number of people live in the city.  It would have been MUCH too difficult for Granny and me so we viewed from a distance.