It's Thursday and we've been in Venice since Saturday night.  I'm so far behind with the pages of the barge trip that I thought I had better put at least one page up for Venice.  Then maybe I'll work on both at the same time.  Eventually I will finish the barge pages and will revise this page.  In  the meantime, here goes.

Granny and I have been in Venice before but it was in 1958.  I really don't remember back that far but I think we were young.  Today I am fascinated with Venice but probaby in a much different way.  

The city has an unique beauty.  It is a city of nooks and crannies.  It is a real life maze.  You don't go around the block in Venice. When you try, you end up in a canal or a dead end.  One thing that saves you are the MASSES of tourists that are charging from one place to another with their selfie-sticks. 

It was dark by the time we got our water taxi to go from the airport to the hotel.  I tried taking a few pictures on the way as we skimmed across the lagoon.  Most were a waste but at least one looked OIK.
On the plane to Venice        
In the water taxi to the hotel
Sunset skyline
Sunday morning, before meeting our guide, we went for breakfast at our hotel.  Breakfast is served on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal.  Below are a couple of pictures taken while having breakfast.  The building across the canal is the Punta della Dogana - Venice's old custom house.  It is now an art museum.  Of course what is Venice without gondolas?  After breakfast we met our guide in Venice - Helene Salvadori.
The center of Venice, at least for tourists, is Piazza San Marco.  It seemed like there were always mobs of tourists in the square.  It didn't make any difference what time of day or night.  Early on our visit list was the Doges Palace.  The Doges Palace has a VERY long history dating back to the first incarnation about 810 CE.  Today it is one of the main tourist attractions in Venice.  The rooms we visited are filled with works of some of the most famous artists including Tintoretto and Titian.  Below are a couple of pictures to give a feel of what we saw.  I am limiting my pictures of the art because much better pictures are available on the web. 
A closer look at the top of the facade.
The Palace of the Doge
Courtyard from inside the Palace.
These 4 pictures show a section of the ceiling in 2 different rooms.  Each pait shows ceiling section and a closeup of one of the paintings. 
When the Palace was inhabited by the Doge, attached to the Palace was a prision.  The prison was reached by the famous "Bridge of Sighs". 
The ;view as seen while walking.
The view if you could stop and look out.
Prisoner accomodations
;There is a lot more to show on Venice.  Read on!
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