Every evening, a schedule and info sheet for the next day would be left on our bed.  This is the plan for Sunday when we are scheduled to stop at Yaroslavl.  

Yaroslavl is the first real city that we have visited on the cruise.  Until now, it has been villages and special cruise stops.  Yaroslavl is over 1,000 years old and has a population of about 600,000. 
There was also an indoor market of groceries and other goodies.  On the left is one of our table mates - Doris - holding a couple of nice specimens of squash.  On the right Granny is discussing some herbs.

Below are spices, fish and fruits.  The spices reminded me of Egypt and their displays of spices.
First stop was the city center and the market.  The market consisted of unending stalls of shoes and handbags.  There were also bicycles and other goodies but primarily SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!

Alexander Nevsky Chapel
We had about 40 minutes to wander around the market and then we boarded the bus for the Governor's mansion.  The mansion is now a museum with some special features.  All the tours are treated to a concert in the ballroom which includes a demonstration and participation dance.    Click on the pictures below to see and hear the performances.
Our hostess
Outside the Governor's mansion, I was intrigued by a modern sculpture.  It looked to me like Don Quixote but I think it is a representation of Yaroslavl the Wise. 

From there we went to the Eternal Flame memorial for World War II.  In the background and on the right is the Assumption Cathedral.
The next stop was the Church of Elijah the Prophet.  This was a large complex where there were many sites in addition to the church.  An orchestra was practicing/playing but the wind was so strong that most of what we heard was wind noise.  Like the other Russian churches, this was very ornately decorated inside.
One thing that was quite different and which we had not seen before was a bell ringer.  Click on the link below to see and hear a bit of his performance.
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