Our last full day on the cruise and our stop today is Uglich, a small beautiful town about 136 miles north of Moscow.  The primary feature of Uglich is the Transfiguration Cathedral, pictured on the right.  The small church on the left is the Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood.
Like all the other Russian Orthodox churches we visited, the one in Uglich was covered wall to wall with icons.  Even the ceiling was decorated.

As I mentioned earlier, we selected this particular cruise because they were going to have concerts on board each night.  The concerts were a real treat.  Each night was a different program of both vocal and instrumental pieces.  Click on the picture below and you will see a YouTube video sample of what we had for our entertainment.
It took 6 days to go from St. Petersburg to Moscow.  As you have seen, we made a stop each day for touring.  The rest of the time we were motoring along the 1200 mile waterway.  We met a lot very nice people from various parts of the world, saw many sights from the ship as we went along, generally just enjoyed our relaxed cruise.
Looking back at another cruise ship as we are leaving one of the locks outside of Moscow.
Our first look at Moscow as we approach the cruise ship docking area.
The owner of the Volga Dream, Vladamir, and his wife, Margret, were passengers on our voyage. 
The ship doctor gave me some anti-biotics for a head cold I developed on board.  Victoria, the head receptionist, assisted.
Josh, Justin and Doris were 3 of our table mates during the cruise.  They're pictured here with Kira, the Cruise Director.
Astrid and Peter Sundarp are lovely couple from Berlin.
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No trip on the Volga would be complete without a rendition of The Volga Boatman.  Click on the picture below to hear our concert in Uglich.