Didn't we see Sholem Aleichem in Moscow?  We did!  However, he was born in the Ukraine not far from Kiev. 
We also saw part of the Kiev University and the park across the street.  I think it's the parks that give us the impression that Kiev is "green".  We were also interested in how much use the parks get and how they are really setup for the children
Next stop was St. Volodymyr's Cathedral.  It is Ukranian Orthodox.  Like the Russian Orthodox, it is VERY ornate inside.
Some of what we saw in Kiev is relatively new.  The October Palace, also known as the International Center of Culture and Arts was renovated in the 1950s.  The Independence Square renovation was completed in 2002.  The flower clock, largest in Europe, is also new.
There is also the very modern.
Do you recognize this place?
See the bottom of the page for the answer. 
Of course our hotel - the Intercontinental
Our hotel was wonderfully located.  It was less than a block from St. Michaels Cathedral and just over a block from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - site of St. Sophia Cathedral.  Both cathedrals are "must see" sights in Kiev.  Unfortunately, cameras are not permitted in St. Sophia so I have no pictures.  I do have some of St. Michaels.  St. Michaels provided another excellent opportunity to view different forms of crosses. 
St. Michaels Cathedral
Services at St. Michaels. 
Pretty ornate vestments!        
A collection of crosses.
What are doing on the ground?
A variety of spire toppings.
At every market we visited, I found the displays colorful and the food looked delicious.  Well, most of it looked delicious.  There were a few exceptions.  Then there was Granny's favorite pictured below - CAVIAR!  Too bad.  We had no way to take any with us and no place to keep any.  besides, they're only little black fish eggs.
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That is TGI Fridays - Kiev version.