Following our tour of the Metro, we met Granny and continued with a  tour of Red Square.  The Square, which is located just outside the Kremlin and separates the Kremlin from the commercial section of the city.  It is well known for the parades and other official demonstrations that have taken place there over the years.

We entered the Square through the Iberian Gate.  This was reconstructed in the mid 1990s.  During the Soviet era, the gate had been demolished to make room for heavy military vehicles driving through Red Square during parades.
They were beginning to setup for some event while we were there. 
Iberian Gate
Iveron Chapel
Nikolskaya Tower
Kazan Cathedral
Spasskaya Tower
Probably the most startling structure in Red Square is St. Basil's Cathedral.  It was secularized in 1929 during the Soviet era and is now part of the State Historical Museum. 
Also bordering Red Square is the famous department store GUM.  It really is more like a mall with many recognizable name stores.  Here is our guide, Marina, giving Granny directions for something.
Following Red Square, we went to see a couple of the synagogues of Moscow.  First was the Moscow Choral Synagogue. 
Next we went to the Chabad synagogue - Bolshaya Bronnaya Synagogue.  This is a small, but active, synagogue.  They have a beautiful rooftop dining area where we stopped for some refreshment.  On the way to the synagogue, we stopped to view the Sholem Aleichem monument. 
Exterior of the Synagogue
Rooftop Cafe
Hand Washing Facility
Below are three views of the sanctuary.
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