Our last day in Moscow and we are off to Sergiev Posad home of one of the major active Russian Orthodox monastaries.  This is a major complex with a cathedral, numerous churches, and other sights. 

On the way, our driver stopped to show us a typical, old Russian house.  We hadn't seen too many of these but apparently they are a little more frequent as one gets outside the big cities.
There is an arched entryway into the compound.  These are two of the paintings on the ceiling of that archway.  Once in the compound, there are monks wandering around, multiple churches, and LOTS of tourists.
Trinity Cathedral
Bell Tower
Modern day monk with cell phone.
Refectory on the left, Trinity Church on the right.
Gateway Church of St.John the Baptist
On the left is the Assumption Cathedral with the fountain in front.  It is thought that the water in the fountain is Holy Water and the people come and fill their jugs/containers with the water.
On our return from Sergiev Posad, we stopped at Abramtsevo which was an artists' colony that tried to revive typical Russian style crafts.  Now, as you can see by the sign, it is an open air museum.
I was intrigued by the many different representations of the cross.  Apparently there are also many explanations for the differences.  Here we have one of the Eastern Orthodox crosses with the two cross pieces at the top and a slanting one on the bottom.  We also have one with a crescent on the bottom.  Some say it is an anchor others that it is Islamic in origin. 
This was the last day of our Moscow visit.  Next it is on to Kiev.

Kiev                                                                                Home
Click on the picture below to hear the choir singing in the vestibule of the Refectory at Sergiev Posad.