The Russian Museum was the stop after St. Isaac's.  Where the Hermitage has works from all over the world, the Russian Museum is dedicated to the works of Russian artists.  Photography was limited but I was able to get pictures of a few works.  I'm not going to attempt to put captions on these.  They are just a representation of the works in the museum.
It was a short walk from the Russian Museum to our lunch spot.  We went to a "Pie Restaurant" where they specialize in all sorts of pies.  There were meat pies, chicken pies, seafood pies, vegetable pies, and of course sweet (dessert) pies.  I had a chicken pie and what I was told was blackberry pie but it was really blueberry.  They were a little different from what we usually think of as pies but they were quite good. 

After lunch we got a taxi to the first of 3 "Palaces" that we would see over the next couple of days.  This afternoon's stop was the Usupov Palace.  The Usupovs, although not royalty, were a VERY wealthy family that was on the fringes of royalty.  As with the other palaces we saw, it is hard to describe the opulence and expanse of these "residences". 
Room after room after room!
<-   And of course the necessities.
Just when you think you've seen it all. 

<-- This is the entrance to the theater!
This isn't a hotel!! This is the stairway in the Yusupov Palace!!
<-- The Library
The Pool Room -->
While on our tour of the Yusupov Palace, we were treated to an acapella concert.  Click on the picture to see and hear the concert.
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