It was decision time.  The weather was a little drizzly and we were scheduled to go to Peterhof which is an outside visit.  We decided to chance it because we probably wouldn't have time to do it on Wednesday. 

The ride to Peterhof was approximately 40 minutes by hydrofoil.  You can get there by car but it is considerably longer.  Upon arrival at Peterhof, we had a small lunch and then it was off to see the grounds and the fountains. 
<--  Our transportation to and from Peterhof

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Peterhof Palace was the inspiration of Peter the Great who wanted a palace like Versaille.  It was expanded by later generations, devastaed by the Germans during World War II and then restored very shortly after the war ended - 1947.  Peterhof is so large and expansive that touring is done in parts.  Our tickets were for the lower gardens and fountains.  I'm glad we pushed on because the weather cleared by the time we got to Peterhof and the gardens and fountains were BEAUTIFUL!!  And, the next day it RAINED!!
The fountains were also a playground for the kids.  Here the kids run across a fountain, stepping on the stones, trying to figure out which stones turn on the water.  If you look VERY closely you will see the top of the cap of the man sitting just behind the center of the bench.  HE controls the water!
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