After our short break, we continued our touring of Warsaw.  We stopped at the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army.  This is across the street from the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising Monument.  There was an exhibit opening at the Monument and it had a number of pictures that were very interesting.  Below is a picture of the Field Cathedral before the war, the same area after the war and then my picture of the Cathedral today. 
In the foyer of the Cathedral was this very modern crucifix.

On the right is a picture of the interior of the Cathedral.

Below is the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising Monument.
Warsaw is the birthplace of Frederic Chopin.  Of course we visited the Chopin Monument.  Look closely at the picture on the right and see if you can identify who took the picture.  How could you tell?
  And what could be more appropriate than gong to a Chopin concert in Warsaw.  We were fortunate that the Chopin festival was still in progress. 
The concert was held in the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall.  It was a little strange.  We entered and walked up a grand stairway.  But when we got to the actual venue, it was sort of like a grand gymnasium with bleacher seats.  That's OK because the concert was great!!
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