As we drove from one place to another, we could see how Warsaw was changing from a place of yesterday to a city of today.  There was a lot of construction underway and there were modern buildings sprouting everywhere.
We passed by the Presidential Palace.  We were not invited in.  However, we were able to visit the White House.   It is a beautiful summer home built in 1774 for the king's sisters.  It is located in Lazienki Park.  The park is also home to the Chopin Monument which I showed earlier, and multiple palaces one of which is shown below. 
One of the palaces in the park is the Palace on the Isle.   Below are a number of pictures of this intimate little abode. 
Look closely at the picture on the right.  The area with the columns in the left of the picture is a stage for a theater.  The seating area is to the right of where I am standng. 

There are a number of additional pictures of the Palace on the Isle.  These can be seen in the Gallery when it is completed.

Time for a lunch of typical Polish food at a typical Polish cafe.  That's the restaurant in the building across the street.  There were just 3 of us for lunch but we had to try everything.  As you can see there is enough food for 10.   IT WAS DELICIOUS!!
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