The last stop on our Warsaw tour was at Wilanow Palace.  Although officially part of Warsaw, it is a little way outside of town.  We decided that it had been a long day, so we would limit our visit to outside and the gardens.  The gardens alone are large enough to take quite a bit of time to explore.

Apparently there was going to be some sort of event at the palace because they were in the process of setting equipment up outside. 
As we strolled along the left side of the palace, we were treated to the English garden.  First the simple bed and then the more ornate garden which leads us to the rear of the palace. 
The back of the palace leads out to another set of gardens that are down a level.  The lower gardens are bordered by a hedge but you can walk through an opening in the hedge to the river/stream behind the palace.  In the center picture below, you can see a pool/fountain that was under repair and behind that the opening in the hedge leading to the water.  In the righthand picture you can see Rafal on his way down to the lower gardens.
In the picture on the left, we are looking up from the lower garden level to the back of the palace.  You can see the non-working fountain now from the other side.

On the right is a portion of the lower garden.
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