From Ibera marshlands, we traveled to Iguazu to see the falls.  We had heard that the falls were spectacular.  That was an understatement.  THEY WERE FANTASTIC! 

Iguazu Falls are the 2nd largest falls in the world after Victoria Falls in Africa.  They are situated in the northeast part of Argentina where it borders Brazil and Paraguay.  In fact 20 percent of the falls are located in Brazil, the rest are in Argentina. 

Iguazu Falls is a major tourist destination.  The park has some well defined viewing trails, and also operates some boat rides that take you up to and into the falls.  Of course we had to do it all. 

It is difficult to capture the excitement of the falls in pictures.  They are so large and there are so many falls that in pictures they seem to blend into each other.  However, below is a representative sample of pictures of some of the cataracts.  In addition, there are some pictures of some of the butterflies we saw there, some birds and also an iguana. 
This is a panoramic view of some of the falls taken from the Brazil side.  Since 80 percent of the falls are in Argentina, the panoramic views are best from Brazil.
Every vista gives another amazing view.  The falls are many different shapes and sizes.  Some are very broad with massive amounts of water flowing over.  Others are narrow but still magnificent.
Sometimes there would be a spectacular view from a distance and occasionally the light would catch the mist just right and there would be a wonderful rainbow.
Of course we HAD to take the boat trip that went down some of the rapids and into the falls.  The boats hold about 20 people and are ususally filled.  As you get on the boat, you are given a rubber sack in which you can put anything you want to keep dry.  YOU WILL GET WET!  The operators give you plenty of warning to stash your things before they take you under the falls.  Throughout the entire trip, there is a photographer standing on the bow taking videos.  He has his camera completely encased in a special rubber box and he is also covered head to toe.  Below are a few pictures from our ride.  Also a picture of one of the boats going into one of the falls just as we had done the day before. 
That's us on the front of the boat like the one about to enter the falls on the left.
And then there were the birds and the bees.  Make that the birds and the butterflies.  And of course an iguana.