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While in Hoi An, we stayed at the Anantara Resort.  The room was nice but the real attraction was the staff.  I can't remember being at a hotel/resort where the staff were more helpful and more friendly.  It made the stay a real pleasure. 

First on the Hoi An list was a visit to the old town where the first stop was Quan Cong Temple.  I was especially intrigued with the dragon sculptures.

The walk continued to the Japanese Covered Bridge.  It was built in early 1700s and is also known as the Pagoda Bridge.  Below left is a picture of the bridge.  Below center is the monkey statue that stands at one end of the bridge.  A stature of a dog stands at the other end.  And inside the bridge, there is a temple - pictured below right.
Walking along the river.  Then on our way back to the hotel, we passed a kindergarden school that was just letting out.  Children everywhere are cute. 

Can you imagine carrying your groceries home the way this woman is doing?
Our next adventure in Hoi An was to visit the lantern maker and learn how to make a lantern.  Granny and I became EXPERT lantern makers.  However, they still haven't offered us jobs making them.  I guess taking 2 hours to turn out 1 little lantern isn't going to cut it in the real world.
Under the watchful eyes or our master, we glued, stretched, snipped and then did all over again,  Ending with putting on the top and bottom cover bands and the tassel.  What masterpieces!!
Our third night in Hoi An and our guide, Hanh, said she would show us a good place for dinner.  Great!  We were going to the old town where the lanterns are lit and on display.  The restaurant was very nice and the food was very good!

As we start out, the streets are unusually noisy with people racing around on their motor bikes banging on pans, honking their horns, waving flags, and celebrating.  Vietnam had made it into the Asia Cup semi-finals for the first time ever!  AND THEY WON!  Apparently ALL of Vietnam was going wild over the victory.  We had to make a few detours to get the the restaurant as the roads were so blocked.  Below is a picture of some of the celebrants as they passed by the restaraunt.  Click on the picture and see a short video of the celebration.  If you listen VERY carefully you will hear the restaurant entertainer singing the Simon and Garfunkel song - The Sounds of Silence.
Granny at dinner the night of the celebration.  Notice all the lanterns.  Ours aren't quite as large or as ornate.   The picture/movie of the celebrants was taken from the restaurant window.
Our last day in Hoi An and we are off to visit the ethnic minority village of Trung Mung followed by lunch with the former king of the local Co Tu tribe. 
A main source of fuel - firewood.
We walked this bridge to and from the town.
The central area where community activities take place.  Houses are in the background.
The houses are built on stilts.
Laundry Day
The "Ghoul" house is where community meetngs/activities take place. 
On our way to lunch with the former king of the Co Tu tribe, we passed a tea plantation.  The king showed us one of his necklaces and also what we were told was to be his coffin (left).  The king and his wife were very gracious and welcoming.  In addition to the royalty, we were greeted by the resident pictured on the right.  Fortunately he was confined to his room. 

You can see Granny enjoying a portion of the feast we were having for lunch.  During lunch our host entertained us on both the animal tusk and some unknown instrument.  I expect to have a video of him playing both instruments so   keep watching. 

Before departing we had a picture of us with our hosts.  VERY NICE STOP!