The Serengeti camp, if Barbara's recollection is correct, was called Aerobebe.  It was similar to the camp at Tarangire.  There were about 10 sleeping tents, a kitchen tent and a dining tent.  Unlike Taragire, there wasn't running water.  Toilet facilites were what they called a "long drop".   And it was!  The shower was gravity feed.  When you wanted a shower, one of the Masai would heat up water and pour it into a high container.  By pulling the chain, the water would be released to run down through th shower head.   Primative but effective. 
Travel between the camps in Tanzania and in Kenya was done by small, twin engine planes.  Sometimes, as when we went from Ngorongoro to the Serengeti, we went from an airport.  Here we have a picture of Barbara waiting outside the main (only) terminal building. 
As much as I liked seeing the animals, by this time the sight of more herds of zebra or wildebeest wasn't real exciting.  I began to notice the birds.  You could count the number of animal species on two hands, but the number of bird species seemed to be unlimited. 

There were plenty of animals in the Serengeti.  There were elephants directly across the little stream that ran through the camp.  On the road just outside of camp, we saw a number of giraffes feeding on berries high in the treetop. 
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