We had done quite a bit of walking our first day in Moscow and Granny decided to rest while Marina showed me the Metro (subway).

This entire page is devoted to the Moscow subway and even with that it's not enough.  Unlike other subway systems I've experienced, the Moscow subway is a work of art.  You may not like the art but it is still something to see!  The rail system is also impressive.  It consists of a large circle line which intersects all the spokes emanating from the center.  Below is a map of the system.  We started at the large arrow marked "1" and I numbered the other stops we made with smaller arrows.  (Click on the map and it will enlarge to a readable size.)
Like all the other subways I've used, you first have to buy a token or pass.    A single entry fare is less than $1 and once in the subway system, you can go anywhere.  Next you have to get to the trains.  Moscow has the deepest subway station in the world - 328 feet underground.  Once you are down to the platform level, you are amazed by the beauty, architecture, decorations, cleanliness and every aspect of this subway system.
It's a long way down!
Beautiful, arched platform.
In the picture above right, there is a dome between each set of arches.  In each dome there is a mosaic image and every image is different.
Through the turnstile.
Every station is different and each one is decorated in a different way.  Here is a set of mosaics with a different shape and theme.
Sometimes the decorations are done in stained glass.  This set was commemorating the arts.  The center image shows a painter and the image on the right depicts a pianist.
The majority of the images and art depicted Soviet era themes.  Here is one view of Lenin.
Not all the art work was mosaic wall pieces or paintings.  In some stations, the art work takes the form of scuptures.
Some things are the same the world over.  I saw that same rush in NYC.  And crossword puzzles?

One thing that is definitely different.  As soon as we entered a subway car, someone offered us their seat.  They were VERY polite.  That didn't happen later in the trip when we were on the subway in Berlin.  There a large group of late teen or early twenties girls just ignored us as we stood during the ride.
The train car on the left is decorated but NOT grafitti!  I'm not sure what it says but a number of the cars are decorated this way. 

I was told the object on the right is a container in case a suspicious bag or container is found.  The suspicious object is put inside this steel drum until a bomb squad can examine it.
There are also some other differences between the Moscow subway and others we have seen. 
A few more examples of the art before I conclude this page about the Moscow Subway.
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